The organic flour HARIVASA offers complete assurance that the wheat used in its production come from organic farming, properly controlled, certified by the Council of Ecological Agricultural Production. This product gives the usual quality of meals HARIVASA, respect the environment and the diet plus characteristic of organic products. 

It is a medium strength flour very versatile, which is well suited to both the bakery and industrial, which allows the manufacture of all types of baked goods, pastries and cakes.



Conditioned flour Harivasa developed that greatly facilitate the work of the baker. These flours have been defined upgraded depending on the type of process used by the baker, and do not require the use of improver in the bakery. Can be served in a bag or in bulk, and are adapted to direct fermentation, controlled, or precooked frozen dough. 



Flour from the milling of rye varieties selected for their high taste and high capacity value of hydration. Its combination with wheat flour to the desired dose allows the production of highly aromatic breads. 



Traditional Flour designed for the development of any type of bread Galician, including traditional "bow", which provides the color and flavor of real bread Galicia. GREAT combination with flour and rye flour FORCE allows the production of this famous bread. 



Two types of flours, bakery and strength, designed to obtain all types of bread, from the common bus to the bread and all kinds of rustic breads. On request, we can develop any type of flour depending on your needs.